C. Caring for Self and Others





1. Are We Having Fun Yet?

2. Connections

3. Designer Dogs

4. Down the Road

5. Everyday Acts

6. Hidden Intelligence

7. Homes for Hoppers Captive Companions

8. Russell Clarence

9. Patterson

10. In the News

11. Lights, Camera, Abuse?

12. One of the Family

13. Raining Cats and Dogs (possibly being eliminated)

14. One Lucky Saturday

15. You Have an Owner

16. Scientists Young and Old

17. Sporting

18. Struggle and Balance

19. What If?

20. Your Wild Home

21. Everyone Loses

22. Seeking Freedom

23. Learning About Life?

24. Below the Surface



1. Are We Having Fun Yet


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2. Connections




3. Designer Dogs


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4. Down the Road


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Caring Consumer Wallet Card — multiple



Caring Consumer Wallet Card — single




5. Everyday Acts


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6. Hidden Intelligence


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7. Homes for Hoppers captive companions


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Story Three


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8. Russell Clarence


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9. Patterson


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Activity Two


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10. In The News




11. Lights, Camera, Abuse?


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Activity Four


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12. One of the Family




13. Raining Cats and Dogs (possibly being eliminated)




14. One Lucky Saturday


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Activity One


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15. You Have an Owner


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Story Two


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16. Scientists Young and Old


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17. Sporting


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18. Struggle and Balance


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Story One

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See the following website for information about habitats and species:

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19. What If?


There are no external sources for this lesson plan.



20. Your Wild Home


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Story Two


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21. Everyone Loses


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22. Seeking Freedom


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