F. Love the One You're With





1. A Tree I Know

2. All New World

3. Eating Sunlight

4. Trash Investigators

5. World in a Window

6. What You Think Is What You Get

7. Earth Caretakers

8. Earthlings

9. Wondrous Planet



1. A Tree I Know


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2. All New World


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3. Eating Sunlight


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4. Trash Investigators


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5. World in a Window


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6. What You Think Is What You Get


Story Source:


Sikora, Rae. Personal account.


Additional Material:


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7. Earth Caretakers


Story Sources:


Story One

True story as witnessed and reported by Rae Sikora from her experience in Minnesota in the late 1980s


Story Two

True story told to Rae Sikora by an Israeli lumber company buyer visiting Maine in 1999


Story Three

True story as witnessed and researched by Rae Sikora in Western Wisconsin in the 1990s


Story Four

Based on a true story viewed by Rae Sikora on undercover footage



8. Earthlings


Story Source:


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Activity Three:


"Appliance energy usage: How much does it cost per year to operate your appliances?" OtterTail Power Company.

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For Students—What Can I Do? Source Material: 


Calculate your personal carbon footprint


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Tips for cutting your carbon footprint


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The Dangers of plastic bags


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